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      "Huaxin" Breast Plaster

      "Huaxin" Breast Plaster
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      Price: $5.00
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      10 $4.50

      Main Ingredients: Refined from dragon's blood, muskiness, frankincense, myrrh and 17 other herbs.

      Functions: Disperse the depressed liver-energy and regulate the flow of qi (vital energy), subside swelling and lumps and relieves pain, also intended for hyperplasia of mam.

      Usage: Wipe clean the breast with warm water, and apply the plaster on pain spot, one plaster can be used for 2-3 days, there should be a pause of 3-5 hours before using the next plaster, one treatment period is 5 plasters, 3-4 courses is suggested for best result.



      Attention! Not applicable to maidens, pregnant and nursing women. Used on the allergic patient is prohibit. Used on the injured skin is prohibit.   

      Certificate: SFDA Shaanxi Healthcare Product No. 05010058

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