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      "Soso" Slimming Plaster

      "Soso" Slimming Plaster
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      10 $4.50

      Major components: Refined from iris root, Cyperus rotundus seed, Gonpo, Sennoside seed, Shichuan hot peper, herba artemisiae, Semen Raphani, radices pseudoginseng, Conioselinum univittatum Turcz, medical pressure-sensitive adhesive, etc.

      Indications: Reduce fat deposit and other symptoms of obesity.

      Usage: Wipe skin clean, peel off isolating film, and stick plaster on relevant acupuncture points, Zhongji (about 5CM under the navel), Guanyuan (about 4.5CM below navel), Shengque (navel cord), Tianshu (about 5CM on both sides of navel cord), stick plaster on different acupuncture point by turns, change a plaster in 2-3 days, one course of treatment takes 1-2 months, constant slimming may take longer depending on body weight and appetite.

      Torage: Store in a cool dry place away from sunlight

      Alidity: 24 months

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